An Echo Of Life

My life is wonderful with the memories of fireflies

A life lived in the basking of childlike reveries and miseries at once.

There are many many lives like mine.

I see them every where, everyday.  Children like me

Who never had the luxury of foam beds or hot meals

Nor the comfort of shoes and vests.

No shampoos were known nor any mirrors.


I was my friend’s mirror and she mine.

I was free in the sense that we never judged the other or looked at each in a twisted


I was contented and happy.  My teeth shone as pearls of the ocean

and never decayed, having never used toothpaste.

I needed no immunizations because that came from my surroundings in each

plant or food I ate.


Today this is not my life.  I am no longer free to be me.

I am only a shadow of what I once was.

Overshadowed by brands and prejudice.

Overshadowed by criminal injustice and never truly

eating what food truly is.

My life, an empty shell of echos.


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