She now moves with stealth…

No longer she wants to be the sweet,good woman he knows she is.

Because all he does with that sweet, good woman attitude, is spurn it and manipulate her

as he wants.

That ‘attitude’ he claims she has, is the raw truths of himself she shows him

And he being unable to address it.  She now has that ‘attitude’.

When she behaves like he does, the ‘attitude’ speech comes alive.

But never would he listen to the ‘attitude’ that is shouting in the wilderness.

Never, would he stop to think positively about the ‘attitude’ of her attitude.

A still small voice beckoning his ‘attitude’ to be the man she saw in the beginning.

Or maybe, there was no such man…

No such proper ‘attitude’ as he portrayed…

Just another turd!



2 thoughts on “The ‘Attitude’.

  1. This is purely what so many women 🚺 go through today yet the rigid machismo in our culture won’t allow these men 🚹 humble themselves and bring quality to their marriage and relationship. Garbage in =Garbage out. Very touching piece but so true today. May God help us all. Thanks!

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