He seldom sees

He seldom hears

Her aching echoes

Her sighing tears.


In pleasure he is friendly

But ordinarily

He jibes and snares

Through ranting flares.


Though spoken politely

An idea clear

He trashes it with

I don’t care!


In despair

She prayers and begs

To see her through

The broken years.


Alas! Once

Too much,

She broke and screamed

In flight and shock


Too much she has endured

She rocks herself

Back and forth

In stupor and remorse.


Afraid she had lost her mind

She flew to solitude

Releasing pride.


He bade her return

As years went by

Then one day

He saw


She seldom sees

She seldom hears

His aching echoes

His sighing tears.

(c)2014  Written by Vearna Gloster