There are times in our lives when we go through rough patches.  That is quite human and all. Then there are times when the fool you have been playing catches up with you and in your misery you seek out company.  Now friends can come under such self-inflicted patches.  They may have started talking about something that you never thought they would have allowed into their life and you sweetly without judgement, try to talk them out of it.  However, they persist in doing just what you told them would turn out to be sour!  So why now, misery needs you when the poop hits the fan?  You don’t want to be all caught up in splattered poop right?  Here are some cool ways to avoid them:

  1. Your friend will call you more than often.  Tell him/her your time is really pressed and you will call or text them later.   Try not to sound like you are avoiding,  ask how they are doing and what has been good.
  2. When they want to visit,  just let them know your sister who they don’t like is over helping you out with a project.  Of course they may ask ‘what project?’, so you had better have one already or find one quick.
  3. Send them inspirational texts and let them know you are thinking of them.  Don’t forget to drop a line letting them know how studies or family life have you extra busy.
  4. If you are the brave and severely honest type, simply let your friend know that you all had spoken about the consequences of their behaviour and they had refused to listen, so they have to deal with it on their own because you really did not and do not want that type of energy around you and your love ones.

Ok.  By this time, your friend might be getting the idea that they need to ‘get a hang of them self’ and clean up their trail or their friendship with you will be in a sailboat.   This can also be used to know how much your friend value your friendship.  Sometimes we do not want to show friends their folly upfront or after finding themselves in hot waters but true friends will tell you as they see it and it is all up to you to listen.

What will you do?