Jingle bells come once a year

jingle bells are heard everywhere

happy faces can be seen

as the festive season gleams

everyone we see, buy a christmas tree

the creche is set for all to see

all the goodies bought

gifts beneath the tree.

carols are sung with warmth

by those who cannot see,

the imperil of those who do not

have a bite to eat.

each little one who has no

home, the likes of vanity

they suppress their hungry voice

for elite society.

hunger pangs, drive some to steal

an apple from a stall,

or perhaps climb a christmas tree

for the fun of it all.

remember them, the little ones

who been neglected by uncaring minds

are not to blame but given

a non-judgemental second chance.


4 thoughts on “Jingle Bells

  1. Beautiful poetry,that’s what Christmas is all about, shearing our love especially to those in need. Continue the good work, and may God bless your endeavours.

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  2. INDEED THIS IS AS SWEET AS HONEY…I know these thoughtful words brings happiness to everyone who read. Congratulations on having a natural talent on which you are sharing with the world…..keep it up… Love you so much my dear sister

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