Mean it nothing to you?

That I am called Mrs. …………?

Can you not read, that I am already joined to another?

Be it for better or worse

I am she who upholds the vow and not the curse.

The curse of the two timer, who

Unable to be tamed

Shakes the hem willingly

To snare the prey.

Integrity knows my name and has bestowed on me its grace

I have held onto her for as long as I remember

But do not think that it was easy all the way

‘Cause there were days in October

When hell bells rang out loud at home

And not far away, the invite to wet my tongue by another

Was as strong as the winter frost in December!

When I longed to be warmed in arms strong enough to secure my aching heart!

But I resolved to bear that title and wear it well.

That pride would be well happy with a woman well made.



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