So yesterday I decided to walk.  Risky business these days but not taking chances deems very boring in life.   It has been over a year I have not jogged but am hoping to continue this year.

However,  as I walked down to the town, ahh, the thrill of fresh air, green trees and blooming flowers were unmatched.  Though vehicles passed by, some even stopped to offer a lift which I humbly refused, could not take away from the open freedom one feels among nature.  The rain had seemed as though it would have fallen any minute then but I did not care.  I walked slowly and took in all that were to be seen.  The little honeybees on the tiny roadside flowers are always a pleasure to see.  I felt a form of completion as I strolled freely.

Many of the passers-by looked at me as if I was gone crazy.  But that was quite okay because they are afraid to do such once in a while but I took the chance to enjoy what was given to be enjoyed.