So the first set of nucs were well managed to full grown hives.  Placed on bamboo branches that were cut during the dark phase of the moon  (dark night).  Bright one morning while looking down to the apiary from the house,  I saw the worst sight ever for a young now started beekeeper.   The bamboo logs were broken and the twenty hives were tumbled in a chaotic mess.  Well, pell mell, I had to suit up immediately all the while thinking that the bees were all gone.  I filled up the smoker and booted up then headed out to the site.  The damage was minimal and the ladies were there.  All of them still doing there thing.

(Part of a true occurrence i had some years ago.)

This has taught a worthwhile lesson.  Even when life maybe in a tupsy  turvy way, always remember that though it may seem an eternity,  it is only for a short while and this is where you must continue to do what you have to do loyally.  Problems don’t last, as help is always around the corner suited up to take you to another level.