Sat with her today

My mother,

The smile on her face gives me strength,

She smiles through her memories both good and bad

Nothing is truly hid from her.

She has been.

She has seen, seen much of what I have seen

Maybe more…

I her speech her hopes run deep

That he child would be happy, not see the miseries that she hears of at news time

Not have to be as worried as she has been

My mother

Her advise,

The anthem between my own stories

Have kept me safe and enthralled

That those words of wisdom had shed light on the dangers before hand.

Frail today but would in an instant reach to me should I be hurt

In an instant she would remind me of my worth

In an instant she would give life to me again if needs be

Giving her last tear that I might be.

My mother.

The epitome of love.




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