Many of today’s young mothers need to realize that their daughters/sons must do things in and around the home.  Home polishing in manners, dress, hygiene and cookery are all important but they also need to know how to prep and keep a small kitchen garden, launder clothes the right way and budget finances.

I have been seeing many young grandparents lately.  For some careless reason, many of us now who have been given an all round training at home have not passed this on to our children.  It becomes now, a heavy burden on the household when a young mother has a young daughter with a child to see after.  (not that I condone abortion).  We need to be much more vigilant with our growing young people.

Once they are under our roofs, we can do a few things to limit their idle time.

  1. Parents can limit the use of the internet.  This is a number one cause in secrecy among teens. Much influence are had from peers via the internet.
  2. Taking your teens to do things that are becoming of their age and helping them see the ways in which adults operate with each other among genuine friends and relatives is good exposure for socializing.
  3. Hold bi weekly meetings to clear up any problems that may be eating away at your young one.  Sometimes misunderstandings arise, words may be used that were not kind and the child hold this in against the parent/s.  Get issues out in the open so everyone can be on the same page.
  4. Listen to your child/children.  It may sound silly but they do have so much to say and ask, you would be amazed.  Try not to shut them down when they speak.
  5. Engage them in meal time conversations.  This is a plus personally… it helps with looking forward to a pleasant meal time and to hear what other members of the family have to say. Being polite to each other is another experience that is learnt during family meal time.

These habits must start as early as possible for your children to become the disciplined all-rounder they can become.

Practice makes permanent.


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