Yecheilyah (e-See-li-yah, affectionately called EC) is an Author, Blogger, and Poet and lives in Marietta, GA with her wonderful husband.  She has been writing poetry since she was twelve (12) years old and joined the UMOJA 23 years old Yecheilyah published her first collection of poetry and in 2014 founded Literary Korner Publishing and the PBS Blog where she enjoys helping other authors through her blog interviews and reviews.  The PBS Blog has been name among Reedsy’s best book review of 2017 and 2018 and has helped many authors in their writing journey.  I Am Soul is her fourth collection of Poetry.



She has heard for too long now

that her pores breathe the colour of slave ships,

That chains has been in her smiles,

That her skin shines like a beacon on shame

Sprinkled across Mississippi cotton fields.


Sometimes her beauty sticks out

Like the moon against the pitch black sky

They notice her

and still-

She is only pretty for a dark skinned girl.

Who does she think she is

being darker than a brown paper-bag?


The truth is she is the colour of the Goddesses

A dark chocolate kiss

neatly wrapped in silk

I want to touch her face

just to see if it’s real

just to see if it’ll melt

under my finger tips.

Instead, I’ll keep my hand to myself.


I don’t want to be the stone

responsible for the wrinkles in her skin.

This delicate rose petal of a woman,

reborn in the spring.

I don’t want my touch

to taint her beauty,

Where not even the bite of winter

dares to diminish

her light.


Fun facts about Yecheilyah:

  •  she loves to laugh and her favorite comedy TV show is Blackish
  • she is originally from Chicago IL
  • she has been married to her husband 8 years, together for 11 years
  • she is a twin
  • she is addicted to reading and new notebooks
  • her favorite dessert is ice-cream

I Am Soul is now on Amazon, iTunes,Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and Scribd.

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