“Slump and the world slumps with you. Push and you push alone.” By Dr. Laurence J Peter and Raymond Hull

This statement may have been applied to many of us more than one time in our lives.

When we are down, everyone around us seem to be going through some crazy down time in their lives as well.  We look for help and lo, the response come in many ways, e.g.  “Wow!, I myself is going through some pressure.”  Or, “This is not a good time honey, come back another day.  Things are a bit rough these days.”  Or, “You know, if you had passed last week, you may have been lucky.” ( Sometimes that is such a big lie )

Then there are days you feel all positive and forthright productive.  It seems that you can move mountains but no one has the time or willing attitude to help you push them down.  Who maybe scared of the out or who thinks it is a great idea but do not wish to be a part of it for various reasons they cannot even explain.  Or your timing to them is off and a whole range of excuses.

What I have learned, is that  you should continue to persevere to accomplishment.  When they are slumping, let them see that it is not for long and that your positivity can get them up for that slump as well.

When your push is on, go slow and deliberate never giving heed to the naysayers.  There are always naysayers so push on to your goal and be successful.