Hey guys!!!

How is everybody doing? I hope you are all keeping safe and continuing to be productive in your various roles and daily lives!!

I am currently awaiting feedback from my publisher. It is a very daunting, hard time for me with the waiting process. I am quite open about my feeling, so I just want you all to be patient with me as I am being patient with the publisher.

As a first time author, it is very hard knowing that you saw your book in soft copy, all ready… but certain other aspects are needed to be put in place to complete its “global presence” etc., and this seems to be taking forever.

However, though it is hard, I can’t stress the ‘hard’ enough, I am using this time to let my presence be known as best I know how, continue my marketing campaigns and also continue to upgrade myself in areas needed.

Any input to help me keep my patience or what to do while waiting is highly regarded. Thank you and smile.

Below is my second promo video pre-book launch.