We are all able to motivate our own selves.

Some need a little more outer nudges to get going,

And motivation keeps building.

It’s just like a toddler, who
Takes himself up and

If no one bothers when he is fallen

He cries and cries and cries,

And tries and tries,

All because the toddler knows he can do it!

This alone shows us that motivation was built within.The will to try



Sometimes, when things do not go our way, we tend to lash out in angle we feel. Our self respect lags for a moment and we feel ashamed of our behavior. The turmoil we feel within can only be eradicated by cultivating inner peace. When we have learned to quiet our inner man, outer influence cannot take hold to tumble us. So, when the storms of life come, do not become a part of it but rather allow peace to see you through to the other side.

Blinking lights

“Look at those beautiful ones on that old house!” I’ve never seen them before, maybe the old lady had died. One of the children that walked in a group of four pointed out as they walked around the small village looking at the Christmas lights on different houses.

“No she did not, I saw her yesterday but she looked very weak. Maybe someone had helped her”. One of the little boys exclaimed. Suddenly a small dog ran out from no where towards the fence barking at them. While he barked his little tail wagged wildly. He didn’t seem to want to hurt them but they didn’t pay close attention to him. They then took up a few small stones and threw them at the dog.

Soon as the stones crossed the fence, they changed into little gift packages. The little dog then ran on tiptoe-like to pick them up.

The children were amazed to see what had happened. They felt ashamed of themselves at the time of the stone pelting. The dog disappeared from sight after the last package was taken up. They looked at each other speechless. Knowing that they should not have stoned the fenced dog, they did not mention what had happened to anyone.

Time passed. Christmas day came by and all the little children were delighted to know what they had got for the holidays.

The less fortunate children however, were indifferent, as they knew they were not going to have any gifts at all.

But…. that morning they ran out of their separate homes screaming in delight. They had sparkling little gift packages in their hands. The four children who had thrown the stones at the dog, recognized the packages with surprise.

They learned that day, their misdeeds had spawned a happy moment for the less fortunate among them…

As they grew, they themselves remembered to never hurt animals and that others who were less fortunate were to be treated with kindness.

The end.


Baby steps

I all my adult life, I did not think about it enough.

That book publishing, is super hot!

I esteemed and wrote so much, a fine lot,

My excitement has taken the higher notch.

Am proud, my patience I wore very well,

Or I might have been an author known, only here.

My heart is full I must now say,

I signed my contract just today….

Bear with me a little longer,

I will furnish your reader’s hunger,

From a fairy land of buzz,

I hope to keep my readers love.

I too thirst, for the life it brings,

To hold in my hands my thoughts, worded in ink!


In my submission

In my submission

I was taken for granted.

In my submission

I was left alone.

When I started to question

You didn’t care,

My heart trembled and brought me tears.

But now I am a Phoenix, rising out of the ashes!

The things I allowed are no longer here.

I am bold, beautiful and brilliant!

I am forgiving, kind and strong!

You may not know my loving heart’s song

but the power of love will find its own, in the breast of a true one.




Free and sweet

It is not that she did not cry,

all night took her by surprise,

It is not that she wanted to lie,

it is wanting to be in the right.

Why would being free and sweet,

be a bother to those she meet?

At first she bothered why it was

then re entered into to her love

to push away the dark spell of negativity.

Who does not wish to be free and sweet

like the butterflies and bees,

doing what is meant to be.

Love life, love you and love the things you do

She affirms herself for the growth of  who she needs to be.





I am so motivated to do what I am about.  I know exactly what I want and where I want to be by the end of this year.  One year older, one step closer to the completions of my goals.  Be encouraged today and drive yourself along.  Allow your vision to conquer the challenges ahead.   Have a wonderful morning all.

Yours truly,



It is said that change is good.

So….this year I have decided on a few changes in my life publicly and privately.   Many times we are truly not motivated to stand out due to the censorship of peer pressure but if we really want to get going we must face the way alone at times.  I plan for further success in my personal life, my schooling and writing career this year.  It may take leaving certain people and habits behind…however, I am unable to please everyone, also do not wish to be consumed by poor habits.   I have thought on how to write happy pieces of poetry for the longest while without avail.  It is in my saddest moments words pour forth but little by little there is a glimmer of happy light which I see.

This year and beyond, I follow my dreams to the fullest!  Your support on here has been amazing to me and I am encouraged.

Yours truly,