We are all able to motivate our own selves.

Some need a little more outer nudges to get going,

And motivation keeps building.

It’s just like a toddler, who
Takes himself up and

If no one bothers when he is fallen

He cries and cries and cries,

And tries and tries,

All because the toddler knows he can do it!

This alone shows us that motivation was built within.The will to try



Sometimes, when things do not go our way, we tend to lash out in angle we feel. Our self respect lags for a moment and we feel ashamed of our behavior. The turmoil we feel within can only be eradicated by cultivating inner peace. When we have learned to quiet our inner man, outer influence cannot take hold to tumble us. So, when the storms of life come, do not become a part of it but rather allow peace to see you through to the other side.