His Writings

“The earth that opens wide her mouth to swallow man and his works is the redeemer of our souls from bondage to our bodies.”

From the Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.

His Writings

My soul preached to me and said, ” Do not be delighted because of praise and do not be distressed because of blame.”

Ere my soul counselled me, I doubted the worth of my work.  Now I realized that the trees blossom in Spring and bear fruit in Summer without seeking praise;  and they drop their leaves in Autumn and become naked in Winter without fearing blame.



To create

Many a time we fret and rant

when someone tell us unkind chants

but lo we must never take                             26294349_966430696854763_5286007029339521024_n(1)

to heart the dirt someone fakes

for in this life we must bear strong

the ills of names and create right from wrong.