♥️I told him🍃♥️

When I said  I miss you
I do
It’s been over three years
I do
Our shared innocent moments though short and few
I do miss you
I do

You do not know what I have been through
You may think I have given up on you
You may not have understood
Though I know you try to maintain the respect you show
I still do miss you
I do

Sometimes I blame you in my thoughts
Sometimes I cry that you were too shy
To say outright what you felt
When I felt what I knew you do
I miss you
Yes I do

Turmoil was agitated in my soul
Another day may not have seen me whole
Not so much from missing you
But from enduring the woes I have been through
My throbbing heart was about to shatter
My last hope was to know if you felt its clutter
Miss you, I do

And yes, on that day when no one else existed
Though surrounded by their presence
The softest feather kiss you invested
Lifted a weight so deep seated, I no longer felt molested
You calmed my entire being.
I miss you
I do

I need to know in heart to heart
Is our future on this path?
Be bold with me and tell me so
Hold not back as before
And I will will embrace you
The man I know I adore…just saying what my heart explores.
(c) 2020
By Vearna Gloster

The Lover’s Rest

Leading away from the depths of my mind,

I came to a halt at his door.

Braving every emotion,

I knocked and awaited an answer.

I waited…

Three years.

Alas! Swings the blank door and

He whom my soul searched for,

Hovered above me, with eyes of burning gold.

He smiled as he beckoned me to enter

The dark space he occupied.

And as the dark enveloped us,

The light of love stabbed through my heart!

Memories shared, passed before us,

Fading into the night-like space.

Our young selves fleeting,

With the breath we once held dear.

Our children grown and productive

Made us proud when we lived.

And so ended the life of flesh

Which once separated us for three lonely years.



I visited you inside my mind.

You were not there, for you I pined.

My search for you never a bore ,

but today you do not answer the door.

Oh deepest darkest soul of mine,

You empowered me when I was blind.

To escape this realm of woe,

There were no other place I know.

You were the one to make me smile,

You were the one I told goodnight,

You were the one that shared my love.

Is it that I have lost you now?

Is it that love has been blown out,

by the curse of a broken heart,

that you have died, no longer shy,

no longer given to saying goodbye?

Oh soul of mine return to me,

You are my heart’s one symphony.





it is the most beautiful thing in the world when your lifestyle

gave substance to someone else’s.

to see them morph into that butterfly is a rare and humbling experience.

from the uncaring to the caring

from the thief to the giver

from the fighter to the lover

from the loser to the winner

from the loner to the true friend

we all can help one life at a time.

Affected hurt

His lies and her lies

Are killing you softly.


You apologize to them

Though they did you all the wrongs

How can you get over

Though you forgave?


So you asked the Lord

How did he do it?

How  did he overcome, the stopped heart beat?

How did he do it, to plead

Forgive them, forgive them

For they know not what they do!!

Help her to overcome this… too.

She hurt not just for herself

But for their lack of understanding

For those who are within the circle.




When it hurts so bad

It is sad that the pain

Cannot be cried off!


When it hurts again and again

Nothing can soothe nor bind together

The broken hearted.


How is the memory stopped?

The memory that eats your heart up

Without considering that your heart may seize up.


Oh! What have been done to you

That your tears are unable to wash

Wash away the memory of the love

That he took for granted…


Oh heart!… cease the rhythm life

Cease to do what’s right

Cease sometime at night

That this pain may forever go away!!





It’s not there

Not in here, my heart

In the soul of my existence

In the depth of the vanity of life

It is in, within everything

Everything that I do to be

To be the only true me

In my mind so far into infinity

In the memories that lay waste

In the barren land of the absent minded

In the latent repose of the gifted

Not knowing how to harness and guide what has been given

Lost to an imprisoned soul

Anguish from the unknown


In my eyes

I see the mind of so many of us

Crying to know more.

More of life and even death

More of the seas, clouds and vales

More of the mysteries that are there and taunt us of the past.


Than more of the troubled thoughts we contain

Than more of the present life we lead

Than more of the ways we treat our brothers and sisters

Than more of the lies we easily tell that bring about bad spells.

Maybe we shouldn’t think to be better inside

Yet we try to fix the outer perfect world!







One more day

It’s all on you.

All on you to rise again

All on you to drink for the thirst of life

To boost your weary heart.

In your emotional distress

Find that solitary space

Then gird your loins with strength

From the fountain of the human spirit

Let not the words unkind,

Do injustice to your soul

But ever know that you are one

Who won the race not too long ago

To breathe and live another moon.