Imagine 1

As he unraveled the last thread,

The fight within died.

His palms fell off the edge of humanity’s frail bed,

As his spirit rose to start anew.

No longer sad but bemused by the tragic end,

Of a body failed by the tragedy of a failed system created by man!

No looking back, for there was a dark space, nothing to see.

And so, forward he went into a place,

Where only his imagination had once been able to conjure.

Celestial bodies, preparing for war.

He grinned, for so long within him

Yearned the desire of soldierhood.

The desire to help the weak,

The desire to brave it all

To desire to fulfil a thirst of completion.

The completion of brotherhood!



Hi dears,

So yes. I am excited, but first I am sorry to have stayed away so long again. Life and its exciting extremes!! Maybe, am bipolar, but nonetheless, I am carrying on.

I do hope all my fans on here are well and in good spirits.

So yess! Am excited to have you all know that my short story is being worked on… Drawings for my review came in yesterday, just when I started to figure it was about time I had some feedback. I can see the painstaking time they ( took to bring chalk drawings to life!! My wait was worth it… Baby Steps I know they would be captivating to future readers of the story.

I am now awaiting a timeframe for release I believe, since the hardest part ( at least I think so) is done.

Being a short story, am not sure if I should give sneak peeks, but I will certainly ask your opinion on a suitable cover when that time comes.

Ohhh. I am soo trying to contain myself!

Those of you who have published your first or more books, how did you feel before and after?

I will love your feedback.

Vearna Gloster.

In my absence here…

As a beekeeper, I am currently taking a two year break from the Association to focus on my writing.

I missed being in this company here and I am learning that I cannot be all things to all people. Many times our focus go askew and it is in our wisdom and understanding that we are to know when to reel ourselves into the onward journey from where we left off, where priorities lie and how much we can do at a time.

So enjoy the pics and click the link below for the story😉. Thanks for reading.

Long journeys

The waitings

The compilings

The misunderstandings

The wrong avenues

The guilty faces of place where no body really publishes!

Encumbered with the printing of stories for the vain limited…

Searching and finding the right publisher is a great opportunity

An overwhelming experience of joy😁

Do it, feel it, know it, there is the one comfort in being at it obsessively.

Go on…

(c)2019 Vearna Gloster.


I visited you inside my mind.

You were not there, for you I pined.

My search for you never a bore ,

but today you do not answer the door.

Oh deepest darkest soul of mine,

You empowered me when I was blind.

To escape this realm of woe,

There were no other place I know.

You were the one to make me smile,

You were the one I told goodnight,

You were the one that shared my love.

Is it that I have lost you now?

Is it that love has been blown out,

by the curse of a broken heart,

that you have died, no longer shy,

no longer given to saying goodbye?

Oh soul of mine return to me,

You are my heart’s one symphony.




Free and sweet

It is not that she did not cry,

all night took her by surprise,

It is not that she wanted to lie,

it is wanting to be in the right.

Why would being free and sweet,

be a bother to those she meet?

At first she bothered why it was

then re entered into to her love

to push away the dark spell of negativity.

Who does not wish to be free and sweet

like the butterflies and bees,

doing what is meant to be.

Love life, love you and love the things you do

She affirms herself for the growth of  who she needs to be.





Looking, not seeing

looking through the frosted glass

hoping for the reflection he knows will pass

not seeing, though looking

at the looking glass.

enters despair,

am I blind?… his thoughts he hears,

alas he looks again and again, then

upon shouting, he gathers his pain

and so the frost from his shout did melt

the mirrored pane.

while looking he saw his reflective hell

that experience he wish to quell.

soon upon his shoulder lay

a tiny mist with golden rays

 imagination so intense

a golden wand did span an arc

and soon his looking

balanced his art.

the mirror his heart

the reflection his hurt

the mist his will

the looking his path

all in rising from a broken past.