Own your quote

Giving is sacred. It shouldn't be with a showy attitude nor with agony.

For something

Sometimes, somethings are for love Sometimes, somethings are for fun Sometimes, somethings are for nothing Sometimes, something is everything we need. I have lost all reason, To believe in a season, though, All the seasons I believe, Have a reason. But what I must comprehend, Is the folk at the bottom end. What sometimes I…


Hi dears, So yes. I am excited, but first I am sorry to have stayed away so long again. Life and its exciting extremes!! Maybe, am bipolar, but nonetheless, I am carrying on. I do hope all my fans on here are well and in good spirits. So yess! Am excited to have you all…

Getting through it all

Being betrayed by a close friend is one of the hardest things to go away from your thoughts.  Depending on the way you process things that you go through, you can either rise up from it quickly or become damaged and untrusting of everyone to an extent.   For me, I had to write about it,…

You Must #2

You must always, always say what is on your mind.  Never keep doubting yourself especially when a particular subject/issue is constantly on your mind.  Ask questions and always be humble enough to listen thoroughly.