Agroeco (our environs matter)

Rolling rolling, gathers no moss

Up came a solution like the trojan’s horse

But the minions wanted to play

Along came a whirlwind and took them away.

Many a time, it so close by

But we are blinded by selfish pride

Wanting to do it for some fame

To many leaders can out the flame.

Let’s put aside the silly talks

And act together for one great cause

To revive our agroecological sphere

Let’s teach the children we are leaving here.




longing to give your all

nothing you have  to share

maybe it is your true call

where you see nothing there.


it is the rarest moments

that needs are met by faith

look not to what you see in front you

but inward at your heart.


many needs are given

by the love your share

it’s sometimes just one word

which gives a lesson dear.


let not your heart be troubled

to find a material thing

show your loving kindness

it is the noble gift of kings.


Getting through it all

Being betrayed by a close friend is one of the hardest things to go away from your thoughts.  Depending on the way you process things that you go through, you can either rise up from it quickly or become damaged and untrusting of everyone to an extent.   For me, I had to write about it, go out to the movies, go out with friends more often and sometimes just cry about it.   Many times questions would arise trying to wrap your mind around it all, to fully understand why someone so close to you would be deceitful and be normal about it.  Then again, you seem to be a nag when you want clarification from them, so most times many questions go unanswered.

However, it is of great importance to have all questions cleared if you live with the betrayer, as sometimes they too may have been confused and is grieving the same way as you are.  The issue of trusting them again can only come about after years of learning to trust that same person again or never.  In the case of trusting again, for me personally, it has been going on five years after being betrayed be a loved one to see some glimmer of trusting again.  I sometimes have to force good thoughts, to abolish the bad thoughts out of my mind!  Truly, we all heal at a different rate.