They all peeked out the window.  There were three of them.  As they stood watching the midnight sky lit up with a most glorious glow.  It was like nothing they had seen before. Rushing outside, they stumbled upon each other to get a  better view as to what the glow was.  As it appeared, it…


So I was wondering what was the reason for his thorny behaviour after we decided to go along with my idea. He provoked the daylights out of me with questions I had no bearings of.  Could it be that, he was jealous of my idea being the one used for the project or was it…


It was unlike anything Anna has heard in her life.  As she strolled through the woods in the late evening light, the crescendo of night creatures struck her by surprise.  As the sound resonated through the forest, she was lolled into a trance like ecstasy. via Daily Prompt: Crescendo


Within this finite moment, Within this finite shell, It's best to write your story And write it very well. You cannot for a moment be A foe or unkind somebody, For  love and happiness is free. Please share it with humanity (c)2017~Vearna via Daily Prompt: Finite


How can one elevate to a higher place when the environmental factors are out of sync? That one must have some outside knowledge of a greater good to be better able to move forward positively. Daily Prompt: Elevate


To educate the young is not only by books but also by example of what we do.  We tend to learn fastest by actually doing what we need to learn. To educate via books or film etcetera, is in my opinion, a process. via Daily Prompt: Educate