It’s over

the love  the speed

fingers tired  numb

from the beginning

the middle

becoming weary

thoughts of failing

grammer looks


the plot  ends

begins again

paragraphs added

way back into supposedly

finished areas

the deadline

anxiety with tears

at the finish

crossing well over


your first novel.





It is amazing that one day of not writing can make such a depleting difference in what you are writing.  Nanowrimo is teaching me something I would never forget.  I think it is not just for writing but as a life lesson in whatever field we may pursue.  Commitment and perseverance (if they both don’t mean the same thing), are certainly two top priorities in accomplishing what you set out to do.  Have fun in not just your writing but in the little everyday things that you do.  Much love♥♥♥♥


Can’t imagine being alive

Seeing him I see new life

Like the rainfall he saturates

With the laughter of the gods

Enter into this joy at last

There is no life, without the past.

In my dreams he visits late

When unable to comprehend

Challenges that try to break

Steps that liberate.

In his comfort I remember,

He would say, never be cumbered

By the illusions of fear

But let your anthem be your life

With careful balance my child.





I read to write and write to read

Emotions give life to bloodless sheets

Making books come alive

Entering souls which long to peep

Into the innermost mind.

Oh! bleed on emotions!

Bleed into the sea of death

That many may be reborn

With the haunt of the writers’ breath.


At home

Sunny days and warm nights,

Sea breeze with barn owls flying high,

children’s laughter, running to dinners’ call,

Hot chocolate, coconut bake and fried fish for all,

 An evening for the Caribbean child.

Playing jump rope in the light of the moon,

Hoping mama doesn’t call to soon,

Then again the mosquitoes bite,

I no fun at all, so all say goodnight.

In the dim of the inside light.

Songs emit through the walls of clay,

Happy and sleepy in voices gay,

It gives the rhythm of a contented day.


How not to become bitter

If you think you are on the road to bitterness for whatever reason, here are a few pointers to overcome that cancer.

So you felt like you have been used, taken for granted or just downright played!  Now you are left confused and hurt but seething with revenge or hate? Stop!!  What you are heading into is a self-made trap.  Let’s help you get out…

  1. Think back to before you felt this way.
  2. See yourself in the different situations you somehow found yourself in.
  3. Remember you are in charge of yourself (emotions,attitudes,etc).
  4. Look at the angles of how thing were going to where you are now, you may feel a bit sorry or angry with yourself. Yes! bitterness encloses that area too, where you are very upset that you allowed yourself to be used.

To fix this you must:

  • Admit you had the power to change the situation before it got to where you are at.
  • Consider and accept that it is past and doesn’t define who you are now.
  • Forgive the other person. Yep, forgiveness comes when you accept that the other person is human too and may not have been as mature enough to see their problem at the time.  So you forgive… don’t hold them as a prisoner in your heart.  It will only hurt you.
  • Move on with your life.  Continue to develop/enlighten self.  Learn more about who you are as a person and be clear about what you want and do not want from people.
  • Don’t forget to smile, it helps.

If this was helpful or if you can add anything else, feel free to comment.  Thank you.♥♥♥



What we do to us

creation is finished 

so vast is the unknown of what we are in

we seek to discover and yes, we find

species of multi-varied kinds.

known to be the highest intelligence among beings

mankind has created new species.


a specie that is taking our intelligence to stupor 

a specie that kill at the will of our intelligent emotion

a specie so fast, we are crushed to death

species that cause major regrets.

species that take millennia to decay

hopefully we create a cleaner way



come tell me the things i want to hear.

tell me them clearly without any fear.

i have seen and felt all you do

but darling i need you say them too.

long nights with candle lights

smooth philosophies sounding right

stories of history told with grace

come on baby, state you fate.

who again have heard these lines?

who again has been wined and dined?

who again was lured to fall from grace?

who again became another face?

pray my dear, I know all these tease,

there is no mistake when it comes with ease.

i am not one easily snared by stories and wine

come again another time.