The pandemonium of 2020

The news came in waves with high pitched voices,

A novel virus on the horizon.

The cause a speculation, not sure of its intention,

Varied reasons came alive, throwing off lies and spies.

Public deaths and covered bodies

Droplets from sneezing grip young and elderly

Shook many an authority.

Flying to outer destinations, Covid19 scares each nation.

Awaiting to hear a first case scenario, pandemonium starts its latest show.

The great virus of 2020, did not appeal our senses rightly,

No stocking of food and vitamins, rather, toilet paper became the frenzy!

Living today, the greats will surely say,

“Off with their heads, it’s such a dismay.”

How can a world of people be so foolish,

Come to stock a commodity which can least prevent a crisis…?

God must have laughed this time around,

A tech savvy people who wear toilet paper as their crown.

Shame to be human this year!!

Copyright 2020~Vearna Gloster.

My sympathy to all those who lost loved ones to this present virus.

Imagine 1

As he unraveled the last thread,

The fight within died.

His palms fell off the edge of humanity’s frail bed,

As his spirit rose to start anew.

No longer sad but bemused by the tragic end,

Of a body failed by the tragedy of a failed system created by man!

No looking back, for there was a dark space, nothing to see.

And so, forward he went into a place,

Where only his imagination had once been able to conjure.

Celestial bodies, preparing for war.

He grinned, for so long within him

Yearned the desire of soldierhood.

The desire to help the weak,

The desire to brave it all

To desire to fulfil a thirst of completion.

The completion of brotherhood!



How do I know you would be here?

Or that you would stay?

When I have never seen you before?

And never have seen your ways?

Or heard from others, what measures you are of?

How can I know for sure you are all smiles?

And goody goody, for all time?

Or that you are this sweet and caring?

Not ever a ran away from daring?

To commit when all become familiar?

That you won’t thrash my thoughts?

And crush my heart?

With words so piercing and sharp?

To open the channels of my mind?

Tha I close my heart and start to pine?

With tears of grief to know that,

Another human like me

knows nothing of steadfast love?




He murdered her love

The love of a lifetime

his very own

her love for him


He could not see

The beguiles of a whoring girl

He could not see

The hurt he brought

Between him and love that was true


Insanity possesses man to commit

Woeful deeds against love

Against themselves

Against time…