Blinking lights

“Look at those beautiful ones on that old house!” I’ve never seen them before, maybe the old lady had died. One of the children that walked in a group of four pointed out as they walked around the small village looking at the Christmas lights on different houses.

“No she did not, I saw her yesterday but she looked very weak. Maybe someone had helped her”. One of the little boys exclaimed. Suddenly a small dog ran out from no where towards the fence barking at them. While he barked his little tail wagged wildly. He didn’t seem to want to hurt them but they didn’t pay close attention to him. They then took up a few small stones and threw them at the dog.

Soon as the stones crossed the fence, they changed into little gift packages. The little dog then ran on tiptoe-like to pick them up.

The children were amazed to see what had happened. They felt ashamed of themselves at the time of the stone pelting. The dog disappeared from sight after the last package was taken up. They looked at each other speechless. Knowing that they should not have stoned the fenced dog, they did not mention what had happened to anyone.

Time passed. Christmas day came by and all the little children were delighted to know what they had got for the holidays.

The less fortunate children however, were indifferent, as they knew they were not going to have any gifts at all.

But…. that morning they ran out of their separate homes screaming in delight. They had sparkling little gift packages in their hands. The four children who had thrown the stones at the dog, recognized the packages with surprise.

They learned that day, their misdeeds had spawned a happy moment for the less fortunate among them…

As they grew, they themselves remembered to never hurt animals and that others who were less fortunate were to be treated with kindness.

The end.


The Lover’s Rest

Leading away from the depths of my mind,

I came to a halt at his door.

Braving every emotion,

I knocked and awaited an answer.

I waited…

Three years.

Alas! Swings the blank door and

He whom my soul searched for,

Hovered above me, with eyes of burning gold.

He smiled as he beckoned me to enter

The dark space he occupied.

And as the dark enveloped us,

The light of love stabbed through my heart!

Memories shared, passed before us,

Fading into the night-like space.

Our young selves fleeting,

With the breath we once held dear.

Our children grown and productive

Made us proud when we lived.

And so ended the life of flesh

Which once separated us for three lonely years.


In my submission

In my submission

I was taken for granted.

In my submission

I was left alone.

When I started to question

You didn’t care,

My heart trembled and brought me tears.

But now I am a Phoenix, rising out of the ashes!

The things I allowed are no longer here.

I am bold, beautiful and brilliant!

I am forgiving, kind and strong!

You may not know my loving heart’s song

but the power of love will find its own, in the breast of a true one.





I am so motivated to do what I am about.  I know exactly what I want and where I want to be by the end of this year.  One year older, one step closer to the completions of my goals.  Be encouraged today and drive yourself along.  Allow your vision to conquer the challenges ahead.   Have a wonderful morning all.

Yours truly,


No Chat

Chat about what he says to her

When she begged to sit a while

That they both can smile again

In the quiet of the evening light.

But, this he found a nuisance is

That all she ever said was to correct him

And he no fault he found in self

Continued on a path to hell.


Her heart grew weary of their love

She wanted out but did not doubt

That the toddler nearing two

Would hurt much more if she goes


Oh dear Lord, brighten his aura

Help him drop the past of with harlots

That she may love him openly

And so they be a family.



To love:  a blessing, a curse.

Love always seeks to uplift and keep the faith

Even though it is battered sometimes with hate

Love cannot bow out from its fate

It  continues to take and take.


Is it insanity that it cannot hate

Or is it truly some love do turn away

To seek shelter from harms way

That it may recuperate?


The agony

For the reason love exists

I think knowing not, would be bliss

As I miss what sacred connection truly means

When behold, there are two and three in-between

Fighting for sole attention

By a lover who pledged life long commitment.



No Life

  You carry the hurt of everyone

Blotting out the sun

With cold threads of silken worries

Lacing up your heart like a cocoon.

What malady this brings your immediate family

Whom you now barely see

No smile you have to give

Which truly shows  happiness.

Just like a phantom you will one day realize

With forlorn regret in your eyes,

You never lived your life.



For Both

Many of today’s young mothers need to realize that their daughters/sons must do things in and around the home.  Home polishing in manners, dress, hygiene and cookery are all important but they also need to know how to prep and keep a small kitchen garden, launder clothes the right way and budget finances.

I have been seeing many young grandparents lately.  For some careless reason, many of us now who have been given an all round training at home have not passed this on to our children.  It becomes now, a heavy burden on the household when a young mother has a young daughter with a child to see after.  (not that I condone abortion).  We need to be much more vigilant with our growing young people.

Once they are under our roofs, we can do a few things to limit their idle time.

  1. Parents can limit the use of the internet.  This is a number one cause in secrecy among teens. Much influence are had from peers via the internet.
  2. Taking your teens to do things that are becoming of their age and helping them see the ways in which adults operate with each other among genuine friends and relatives is good exposure for socializing.
  3. Hold bi weekly meetings to clear up any problems that may be eating away at your young one.  Sometimes misunderstandings arise, words may be used that were not kind and the child hold this in against the parent/s.  Get issues out in the open so everyone can be on the same page.
  4. Listen to your child/children.  It may sound silly but they do have so much to say and ask, you would be amazed.  Try not to shut them down when they speak.
  5. Engage them in meal time conversations.  This is a plus personally… it helps with looking forward to a pleasant meal time and to hear what other members of the family have to say. Being polite to each other is another experience that is learnt during family meal time.

These habits must start as early as possible for your children to become the disciplined all-rounder they can become.

Practice makes permanent.