Speaking Pages #2

And the poet asked, "should your surface I scratch?" With the sensibility of its tannish hue, the page answered, "of course dear Poet, you may not know, but pens do tickle my fancy." Poet,Page and Pen, succumbed to Words. ©2018∼VearnaGloster    

the flower I saw yesterday is the one you are today brilliant and ready to take on everything that come your way Young you may not always be but time can give security to do your best at every task to ensure your last breath's  mark remains in memories for the best. ©2018∼VearnaGloster  


longing to give your all nothing you have  to share maybe it is your true call where you see nothing there.   it is the rarest moments that needs are met by faith look not to what you see in front you but inward at your heart.   many needs are given by the love…