See Saw

She loved him only to have her heart cease,

He pursued her to cause his heart to beat,

She loved him only to shed tears of loneliness,

He lied to her to keep her near to feed his need,

She loved him innocently,

He hurt her openly.


Boy turned 50

sweetly charming smile,

he makes you laugh allowing you to express

joys and sadness

success and failures

never letting to much of his past away

tells you stories of dark old histories

love of money and women bodies

tells you which top looks best

ask you to wear the white jeans stretched

you thinking it is all so cute

not knowing he is entangled in a controlling mind

his own.

suddenly…questions remain hanging or half answered

to busy to hold any ‘we’ conversations

jealousy sparks if his friends like you

tries to twist everything you do

he is trapped between teen hood and man hood

not knowing which hood you need

your womanhood confuses him.

would you stay or runaway?



You uprooted my centre

My core

My stability

My heart!


Invited you were

Unjudged by me

You lacked nothing

As far as I had seen.


Then not to long after

I had sang my surrender song

Your spiral of colours did show strong

Jolting me back to Tina Turner’s song.


“What’s love got to do with it?”


Emptied like a vase of flowers

Still fresh and scented sweetly

I didn’t know of narcissistic greed

The trianglular shapes you need



Learned I to mirror your every pattern

Till you lost yourself in your own delusions

My uprooted heart no longer bothered

Cause for you alone  it must become a stone.