For Both

Many of today’s young mothers need to realize that their daughters/sons must do things in and around the home.  Home polishing in manners, dress, hygiene and cookery are all important but they also need to know how to prep and keep a small kitchen garden, launder clothes the right way and budget finances.

I have been seeing many young grandparents lately.  For some careless reason, many of us now who have been given an all round training at home have not passed this on to our children.  It becomes now, a heavy burden on the household when a young mother has a young daughter with a child to see after.  (not that I condone abortion).  We need to be much more vigilant with our growing young people.

Once they are under our roofs, we can do a few things to limit their idle time.

  1. Parents can limit the use of the internet.  This is a number one cause in secrecy among teens. Much influence are had from peers via the internet.
  2. Taking your teens to do things that are becoming of their age and helping them see the ways in which adults operate with each other among genuine friends and relatives is good exposure for socializing.
  3. Hold bi weekly meetings to clear up any problems that may be eating away at your young one.  Sometimes misunderstandings arise, words may be used that were not kind and the child hold this in against the parent/s.  Get issues out in the open so everyone can be on the same page.
  4. Listen to your child/children.  It may sound silly but they do have so much to say and ask, you would be amazed.  Try not to shut them down when they speak.
  5. Engage them in meal time conversations.  This is a plus personally… it helps with looking forward to a pleasant meal time and to hear what other members of the family have to say. Being polite to each other is another experience that is learnt during family meal time.

These habits must start as early as possible for your children to become the disciplined all-rounder they can become.

Practice makes permanent.


Write or die

As early as I can remember I had always wanted to write. But I always had this uneasy way that I was not good enough. I wrote stories during primary school. The imagination was so real, I found myself within the story.  During High School I became a little braver

black and blue plastic pen non top of black covered notebook

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by giving my form teacher a few pages I had written in one of my exercise books. After he with edited, I would find out there were so many grammatical errors, I felt ashamed. After some time I felt that maybe this wasn’t my thing and entering the exam time I quit all together.

Over the years I pursued other fields but many of those fields consisted of writing and I was always called a upon to write, be it for a group, individuals or my innermost thoughts that I was unable to express to others.   So there I was, back to square one.  Writing it out because if I had not and do not, I think I would die.  My writings sometimes explode onto pages with tears and ink.  Hands shaking as the emotions run their course.  The release usually ends in more tears.  Call me a cry baby, but darlings, when it aches, nothing takes away the feeling for some time until you cry your heart out.  I do not know why…do you?


It’s like broken pieces fallen from the sky, cutting sharply as they pass

Your life flowing like ink from a broken pen, soaking up the present, staining the past

No one seems to know nor care for the feelings you hold dear

In times like when you no longer can bear the chaos that lies bring too close

To the wonderful escapes you know.

Fighting for the perfect view on life is a mother with her dearly beloved child

Protecting the gifts of untouched nature





You Must #2

You must always, always say what is on your mind.  Never keep doubting yourself especially when a particular subject/issue is constantly on your mind.  Ask questions and always be humble enough to listen thoroughly.

Tear Stairs

He was the vessel in which I cast my tears

He used those tears to water the dry places he found in me

By teaching me to use them as stairs , to reach for the stars as cloudy as it may seem.

The aching pains which left me sore at heart

He taught me to use as a balm against the greater woes of the world.

He was my safe haven in the days of my distracted peace.





The trust element

Thought patterns are developed overtime whether early in life or later.

Living with or among others, one may observe a particular behaviour over the course of some years.  Sometimes the other person may have caused you to lose trust in them and this interferes with the ideals of the person’s character altogether, to you.

I have come to realize that trust, after it is lost, it taints everything the person says or does. No longer are their words a safe haven to your thoughts.   No longer do you wish to understand their philosophies of life or how they critique you about yourself.  They have become a voice in the wilderness to you.

Much time would certainly be needed to recover or reestablish the trust element in a person after it has been lost.



Sat with her today

My mother,

The smile on her face gives me strength,

She smiles through her memories both good and bad

Nothing is truly hid from her.

She has been.

She has seen, seen much of what I have seen

Maybe more…

I her speech her hopes run deep

That he child would be happy, not see the miseries that she hears of at news time

Not have to be as worried as she has been

My mother

Her advise,

The anthem between my own stories

Have kept me safe and enthralled

That those words of wisdom had shed light on the dangers before hand.

Frail today but would in an instant reach to me should I be hurt

In an instant she would remind me of my worth

In an instant she would give life to me again if needs be

Giving her last tear that I might be.

My mother.

The epitome of love.