His writings

Then my heart looked upon Life of Beauty and said, “Thou art all knowledge; enlighten me as to the mystery of Woman.” and he answered, “Oh human heart, woman is your own reflection and whatever you are, she is; wherever you live, she lives; she is like religion  if not interpreted by the ignorant, and like a moon if not veiled with clouds, and like a breeze, if not poisoned with impurities.”



It is amazing that one day of not writing can make such a depleting difference in what you are writing.  Nanowrimo is teaching me something I would never forget.  I think it is not just for writing but as a life lesson in whatever field we may pursue.  Commitment and perseverance (if they both don’t mean the same thing), are certainly two top priorities in accomplishing what you set out to do.  Have fun in not just your writing but in the little everyday things that you do.  Much love♥♥♥♥

Quiet your anger

The anger of man is what kills his soul

It drills into the heart eating the bones

Anger is curdled into a hatred when left unattended

It is to be fed with a long spoon by those plagued  by it

That it may not pierce your heart of gold.