The Lover’s Rest

Leading away from the depths of my mind,

I came to a halt at his door.

Braving every emotion,

I knocked and awaited an answer.

I waited…

Three years.

Alas! Swings the blank door and

He whom my soul searched for,

Hovered above me, with eyes of burning gold.

He smiled as he beckoned me to enter

The dark space he occupied.

And as the dark enveloped us,

The light of love stabbed through my heart!

Memories shared, passed before us,

Fading into the night-like space.

Our young selves fleeting,

With the breath we once held dear.

Our children grown and productive

Made us proud when we lived.

And so ended the life of flesh

Which once separated us for three lonely years.



I am not alone, though I feel like it

time has left me undone

with exams to fulfil

no I cannot seem to multitask,  once I thought I was good at this

alas I need to find the middle of this wish

I wish to accomplish.

Friday hopes



So on Friday, I am finally meeting the editor for my first short children’s story.   Of course I am open for all the critique (roll eyes) and corrections that had to be done and of course the feel of my purse getting thinner.  However, all in all, I  would have a clean and ready manuscript almost ready for publishing.  Do not know exactly how I would feel yet but you guys would surely know.

The name I had given it sounds good to me but I would still ask a few other authors their thoughts and even my editor.  Hopefully, something better comes.



My poetry collection ‘The Sun Goddess’ is also on the verge of completion.  Last night alone I wrote up the ‘Table of Contents’ last.  Am still to get some feedback on its entirety from a some other friends in the writing sphere and make a few adjustments.  There are some butterflies hovering but they make me feel ‘laughy’.

Surprisingly too, I have been writing ‘Speaking Pages’ on here for a few weeks,  I love the name and concept of writing I have adopted with it, soooo my dears, my second collection would be on, yesss, you guessed it, ‘SPEAKING PAGES’.   Maybe 100 speaking pages.  It would contain lots of fun about author and page.



As for my novella, 50,200+ words is quite a bite to edit.  I did a pre edit myself and hope to have that edited professionally soon too.    More on that later.  Also, there is another on its way, though still in the baby stage of four chapters so far.   Yes, I am excited and I hope that you all are too.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I thank all of you who take the time to read my blog, comment and like.  You all are an inspiration to me through your writings as well.   Keep up the great work you are doing as we know that there can be nothing read without a writer’s pen.

Have a great week!


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the best is left with me

no longer she haunts us

for in my dream I see

head down, she is forever gone

defeated by her greed of wants.

his focus now solely his family

our communication easy

as we grow in harmony.





Silver Lining

Beyond the silver lining I see

The higher states of humanity

But in this shell of mortal flesh

I find it hard within my chest

To believe in being one best, in all trials after rest.

To see beyond this silver plain

It pains the simple ones to gain

The descipline that needs to be

a humble soul for eternity.

It’s not that we are afraid to be

But vices can hamper that lining free

Never removed it may be for those unable to give freely.

©2018˜Vearna Gloster



the flower I saw yesterday

is the one you are today

brilliant and ready to take on everything that come your way

Young you may not always be

but time can give security

to do your best at every task

to ensure your last breath’s  mark

remains in memories for the best.



Agroeco (our environs matter)

Rolling rolling, gathers no moss

Up came a solution like the trojan’s horse

But the minions wanted to play

Along came a whirlwind and took them away.

Many a time, it so close by

But we are blinded by selfish pride

Wanting to do it for some fame

To many leaders can out the flame.

Let’s put aside the silly talks

And act together for one great cause

To revive our agroecological sphere

Let’s teach the children we are leaving here.



Getting through it all

Being betrayed by a close friend is one of the hardest things to go away from your thoughts.  Depending on the way you process things that you go through, you can either rise up from it quickly or become damaged and untrusting of everyone to an extent.   For me, I had to write about it, go out to the movies, go out with friends more often and sometimes just cry about it.   Many times questions would arise trying to wrap your mind around it all, to fully understand why someone so close to you would be deceitful and be normal about it.  Then again, you seem to be a nag when you want clarification from them, so most times many questions go unanswered.

However, it is of great importance to have all questions cleared if you live with the betrayer, as sometimes they too may have been confused and is grieving the same way as you are.  The issue of trusting them again can only come about after years of learning to trust that same person again or never.  In the case of trusting again, for me personally, it has been going on five years after being betrayed be a loved one to see some glimmer of trusting again.  I sometimes have to force good thoughts, to abolish the bad thoughts out of my mind!  Truly, we all heal at a different rate.

You Must #2

You must always, always say what is on your mind.  Never keep doubting yourself especially when a particular subject/issue is constantly on your mind.  Ask questions and always be humble enough to listen thoroughly.

His writings

My soul is my friend who consoles me in misery and distress of life.  He who does not befriend his soul is an enemy of humanity, and he who does not find human guidance within himself will perish desperately.  Life emerges from within, and derives not from environs.  From The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.

Here I would say that Kahlil captured the essence of what it is to love oneself.  For if we are unable individually to love self first, then it is futile that we can love anyone or thing outside of self.